written word

I am a lover of words.
Big words. Little words.
Lots of words. Few words.

Portfolio - Free Verse Poem
UofG CW Intro Fall 2015 - Tyler Francks
And I have heard the speaking

of the water in which you lay, the

riversong which polished your body

and made it shine from the inside,

the voice, keen and low like warblers

and wind in white pines, an echoing

and effervescent chatter.

And I have felt the rushing

cleanse of the water in which you

rest, the chill and astonishment of the

radiant flow, inclined and eager,

your wonder flowering in a rhapsody of

foam and bedrock, shaped by the cool

pivot of surrender.

And I have known the deep

pleasure of the water in which you

surface, the maverick buoyancy of

sure passage, lofted on a laughing

current, the shining face of your

engagement melting in the meeting

place of sun and ice.

licensed under creative commons. please contact prior to use. thank you.