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Stone Heart by Tyler Francks

Over the course of my career I have enjoyed working on many projects, both large and small. From a modest website refresh to an enterprise platform roll-out, the most vital part of the activity is taking care of the journey.


Stone Heart by Tyler Francks

I always like to say “our experience matters”. Yes, obviously the stakeholder experience is a priority, but the delivery team needs to create a positively energized, safe space to execute in. We need to relate well and be relatable, to have each other’s backs.

Finally, being a lover of laughter, I adhere to the principle that humour is a great ally on deep transformation journeys 🙂

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from vision to details

Stone Heart by Tyler Francks

Over the past fifteen years I have honed my project delivery, communications and organizational change competencies. I love working with emerging technologies and teams to kickstart new capabilities.

New! Fall 2017 – program management skills upgrade in progress. This is fun!! 🙂