about ty


20100311-IMG_4311Growing up in Muskoka, Ontario with my family, I was always deeply attuned to nature and fell in love with the granite landscape, jewel lakes and starry skies. In my late teens, I traveled to Tassajara, a Zen Buddhist monastery nestled in the mountains inland from Big Sur, California. There I practiced as a student monk. The influence of this early experience resonates in my life and art.

Professionally, in decades past I have been a videographer, radio personality, software simulation & website designer and also a creative director among other roles. Over the past fifteen years I have honed my project and organizational change management skills. I love working with emerging technologies and teams to kickstart new capabilities.

sketchbooks, active imagination and dreams

earSculpting unique artwork in stone since 1998,  my work ranges from tabletop to outdoor, favouring limestone, soapstone, alabaster and serpentine. I hand carve my designs using traditional and modern tools, striving for impeccable execution and finishing. Drawing on research, thick sketchbooks, active imagination and dreams my themes are diverse and representational. They include the abstract, myth, faces and figures and wildlife, which I’ve loved in an artist/scientist way since I can recall.

staying in the now

ty_francks_green_bear_2011-2Recently, on a more spiritual note, I have been expressing the world through poetry and ink painting and just being present in nature, hiking and sneaking photos to remember the moment better. Having reconnected with my practice, I am “polishing mountains” with my zen teacher Taigen Dan Leighton and the wonderful sangha via Ancient Dragon Zen Gate in Chicago, IL.